the afflicted - reviews

“one of the best debuts on the fringe”

“they make us question what we think we know and what we really know in a dance-theatre show of undoubted power”

Lyn Gardner,


“as startlingly assured, as keen-eyed and razor-sharp as a precocious 17-year-old girl” 

“den Hertog and Manderson’s co-direction is scalpel-sharp”

“Vicki Manderson’s gloriously feverish and taut movement sequences, underscored by Lewis den Hertog’s eerily pulsating sound and prickling video design, each disparate element delicately folded into the body of the piece. The four girls tear into dances like nails splitting through skin, ripping through Jeppson’s nervy text like the words can’t possibly hold them any longer. It’s utterly transfixing to watch.”

Ava Wong Davies; exeunt magazine


“punctuated by frenzied and brilliant dance sequences, choreographed by Vicki Manderson - the 60-minute show that emerges is a vivid and deeply unsettling one”

Joyce MacMillan; The Scotsman


“the power of Vicki Manderson and Finn den Hertog’s production is its slow, detailed build, much of it illustrated by Lewis den Hertog’s note perfect, faux-documentary video work

“for those who like their chills cerebral and lingering, this is the good stuff – and a real calling card of a debut show.”

Andrzej Lukowski; Time Out


“Den Hertog’s deliriously compelling show interweaves dance and drama throughout.”

Allan Radcliffe; The Times


“Den Hertog and Vicki Manderson’s play is a gorgeous, atmospheric cacophony of styles and genres”

David Pollock; The Independent


“a darkly elusive hour of theatre with an aftertaste.”

The Guardian


"If this is them on very little, then heaven only knows what they might do on a lot. The Afflicted is the beginning of something mighty…very very exciting.”  

Jemima Levick; Artistic Director, Stellar Quines